5 Situations When it’s Better to Find Homes for Rent Near Ft. Campbell

Military families shouldn’t always jump to buy a home even when the military assigns them to the same area for a long time. Whether you are in the military or a civilian, there are times when it’s better to rent than own. For those hunting for homes for rent near Ft. Campbell, the rental housing options are affordable and family friendly. Fort Campbell is the U.S. Army installation between Clarksville, Tennessee and Hopkinsville, Kentucky. If you are part of the 101st Airborne Division or the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, you will need to find a suitable rental home for your family when relocating to the area. According to an article by, there are 5 reasons to keep renting. And many of the reasons likely resonate with military families.
  • An uncertain future

If you aren’t sure whether you can stay put for 5 years or longer, it’s better to find homes for rent near Ft. Campbell. A single-family home or an apartment can work for most people, although some families prefer a single-family house rather than condo, apartment or townhouse. The main reason you should rent instead of buy is because the housing market is unpredictable. Also, the closing costs and fees and property upkeep costs can make home ownership a losing proposition from a financial perspective.

  • Too much responsibility

People who are active in the military have too many responsibilities. They often don’t have time for maintenance issues of owning a home. Your spouse is likely too busy working or raising the children. By renting a home with property management services, you will have fewer responsibilities around the home.

  • Not enough in savings

Young families and families that have faced unexpected financial challenges often need more time to save up and build up a good credit score. If you have student loan or credit card debt, you may opt to hold off on buying a home until you lower your debt. Most mortgage lenders look for a good debt-to-income level.

  • Other financial priorities

Whether you need to save up money for a friend’s wedding, send your children to a private school or pay for funeral expenses, there are many financial priorities above the goal of home ownership. Many of the homes for rent in Fort Campbell are less expensive than the market rent in major metropolitan cities in the U.S.

  • A better neighborhood

Another factor that comes into play when opting to rent instead of buy a home is the neighborhood. To buy a home in the best neighborhoods near Fort Campbell it costs more than it costs to rent. Your children can attend a better school or enjoy other advantages of a particular neighborhood.

At Millan Enterprises, we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients find the ideal rental home or apartment in Fort Campbell and Clarksville, Tennessee. For more information about the rental homes available, please contact us.