Inside a Quarantine Graduation

Hector Sandoval is a recent graduate from Austin Peay State University.   He is the first in his family to graduate from both high school and college.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, APSU was unable to hold their traditional graduation ceremony this year.  Millan Enterprises planned a small graduation ceremony to celebrate his incredible accomplishment here in the office.

Photo of Hector Sandoval’s family.

The Planning

Planning a graduation ceremony as a surprise takes dedication. Millan Enterprises needed to prepare graduation decorations, the graduation ceremony, food, a mock diploma, and a special video.

The video was shared  with Hector after the graduation ceremony and included photos from his college experience, members of Millan Enterprises congratulating him, and members of the Clarksville and APSU community. With help from Leo Millan, we were able to give Hector a special shoutout from members of the Clarksville community, including Mayor Joe Pitts, Dr. Mickey Hepner, who is the Dean of College of Business at APSU, and Alisa White, who is the President of APSU.

Along with our team at Millan Enterprises, we also wanted to invite his loved ones to share this special day with Hector. Crystal Peñate, Hector’s girlfriend, was able to help us with personal touches for the graduation day. She decorated his graduation cap with “Si Se Pudo” and helped gather photos from his family to include in our video.

Graduation Day

Graduation day, a right of passage for all college students. A time that is spent celebrating and honoring students for their dedication and completion of college classes. Our team was able to create this special celebration for Hector to do just that.

The day began when one of our team members took Hector out of the office for the morning.  Meanwhile, members of Millan Enterprises decorated and prepared for his arrival. When Hector returned, everyone was there to begin the day’s festivities. Hector’s mother helped put on his graduation gown and stoles while everyone took their seat to begin the ceremony. Hector walked down the aisle where he received his Quarantine University diploma and was inducted as an alumni. We played the tribute video for Hector, his family, and the Millan Enterprises’ team, where everyone in the room was filled with emotion. The rest of the day we celebrated by spending time together, eating, and taking photos with the graduate. 

Photo of the Millan Enterprises’ team.

Hector Sandoval graduated with a BBA and is now a full-time member of the Millan Enterprises’ team. We are glad we were able to make his graduation day special for him and his family.

To view Hector’s quarantine graduation, check out the video below and head to our YouTube channel for more great videos!