Look at Yourself through Landlord Eyes when Searching for Rental Properties

It’s true that a landlord first looks at whether you can afford the rent before deciding to offer you a lease. If you don’t make at least two times the monthly rent, he won’t even consider you as a tenant. But if you already meet that minimum criteria and still can’t snag a rental, then it’s time to look at yourself through landlord eyes. Honestly evaluate who you are using the following criteria.


A landlord would rather deal with one person over a long time than with several different people over short periods. It means not having to adjust to different individuals constantly and not having to spend the time and money advertising for new tenants. The easy way to determine your stability is to examine your employment record and the number of years you lived at your previous rental. Longer is better. Whether rightly or wrongly, he also equates responsibility so he’ll look at whether you paid your previous rent and your current bills on time.


The house you rent may be the only investment owned by your landlord. So he understandably wants you to take good care of it. He may judge your ability to keep up his property by asking a few innocent questions when he talks to you, such as whether you like gardening of whether the Brand X glass cleaner did a good job on the windows. Or he may be more direct, such as how often you’d mow the front lawn or vacuum the living room. Convince him that you’ll take care of his place like it’s your own and he’ll hand you the keys to the front door.


Are you handy with tools? Do you know how to change a light bulb or fix a leaky faucet? Or are you going to be calling the landlord, or worst yet, an expensive repairman to do simple repairs at the landlord’s cost? If you were a landlord, which tenant would you prefer?

The key to getting a good rental is to see yourself and your tenancy in his eyes. Would you rent your own house to yourself? If you can’t answer yes, then it’s time to change behaviors that make you a less-than-ideal tenant. Do only the things you’d want your tenant to do and a landlord will want you in his rental. If you need help in finding rental properties, please contact us.