Looking at Rental Properties? Keep These Tips in Mind

Choosing a place to live plays a big part in your life and also involves a major commitment financially. As you search for rental properties it’s important to understand what the right rental property will be for you. Here are important tips to keep in mind when shopping for rental properties.

Consider the Following Before Renting:

  • First, you should consider if the location setting is something for you. Consider your commute to work, school system, neighborhood crime rate, will it fulfill you or your family’s entertainment needs? What is the parking availability like?
  • Search on the web to find out the rental property’s reviews from past tenants.
  • Will your rent include the utilities or is this separate from the rent?
  • How secure is the building? Are the windows, doors secure and are there proper locks? Are there fire escapes and other safety measures?
  • Be sure to ask who is responsible for the maintenance on the property. Inspect the property before signing a lease.

Finally, when considering a rental property, make sure you read the application and fine print closely. You will have to show proof of income, have a credit and criminal background check done, have a list of references, and possibly a rental verification. Look out for non-refundable applications.

You will need to sign a lease or contract that states that you will rent the property for a period of time. Read over the lease and rules the landlord expects.

Your lease should contain the following:

  • The length of time you are renting the property.
  • The address of where you will live
  • How and when your rent will be paid to the landlord. Late payment fees that you are responsible for.
  • The utilities that you will pay for if not included with the rent.
  • Lease end date and renewal information.

In summary, make sure you thoroughly understand everything about the property, application process and lease and ensure you fully understand everything before signing a lease. If you want to learn more about rental properties available in the Ft. Campbell area, contact us.