Rental Properties near Ft. Campbell: Leasing Tips for Military Families

Your military family deserves to live in a rental property near Ft Campbell that gives them a feeling of safety and security. Even if you aren’t going to stay at the U.S. Army installation for more than a year or two, it pays to hunt for a rental home or apartment between Clarksville, Tennessee and Hopkinsville, Kentucky that has a warm and friendly vibe. According to an article by on leasing tips, the money you spend on housing is one of your largest expenditure each month. Make an informed decision before you sign a lease. If possible, invite your spouse and other family members along to tour the rental properties near Ft. Campbell so they can have input.

  • Inquire about the utilities

One of the important factors to consider before agreeing to a lease is the matter of utilities and associated costs. Ask what’s included in rent each month. Do you have to pay your own electric, water, cable or Internet service? Are there any special maintenance fees?

  • Check out the security

You can visually inspect the apartment building or rental home to see if there is adequate security. Also, feel free to ask the leasing agent any questions. Is there plenty of lighting and locks? Can you easily access the fire escapes or fire extinguishers? Is there a sprinkler system?

  • Find out about maintenance

A property manager often maintains any rental properties near Ft. Campbell by taking care of any repairs. You can ask who will be maintaining any common areas and who to contact for emergency repairs late at night.

  • Ask about parking

Another question to ask about parking spaces designated for your family. If you have guests, where will they park? Some leases restrict how many days or weeks a visitor can stay overnight at your home.

When reviewing your lease, check to make sure it contains all the relevant information that affects your military family. Some of the details in a lease include the length of the lease, address, termination and renewal terms, names of who will be living in the rental, security deposit and the rental payment amount. If you plan to stay for more than one year, find out whether you should anticipate any rental increases.

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