Summer is the best time to move!

Finding a new home should be an exciting time, but often is overshadowed by the stress of selling your home or terminating your current lease, and then moving all of your belongings into your new home. If you are preparing for this process, you’re in luck; summer is a great time to make the move. Here’s why:


When looking for a new home, inclement weather such as snow, frost, or ice, can inadvertently mask physical defects of a property. This may include costly repairs like cracked pavement, rotting eaves, or worn roofing. Regardless of if you are purchasing or renting, you don’t want face the burden of enduring a massive home improvement project. Take advantage of a home looking its best in the warmth of a summer day.


Moving requires the lifting and transport of heavy and fragile items. If at all possible, do not attempt to do so when the ground is slippery or wet. Depending on your move-in date and the rental of moving vehicles or storage equipment, this may be unavoidable, but moving in the summer decreases the chances of potentially hazardous conditions.

School Year

Moving during the summer will guarantee a smooth transition if you have a child who is of school age. If you relocate during the school year, your child may be forced to attend a new school. Not only with this uproot your child from his friends but could also cause instructional gaps in his learning.


Properties become available in greater frequency during the summer months. This is beneficial to you in two ways. First, more selection means you will increase chances of finding your dream home. Second, based on the principles of supply and demand, costs are often lower during summer months either because homeowners acknowledge they are competing with other properties on the market, or because leasing agents want to fill availability before the end of the summer season.

Whether you wish to purchase, rent, or lease a home, doing so during the summer will allow you greater opportunities and an overall better experience. If you are interested in a new home in the Clarksville area, we can help! With 15 years of experience, we have the background and the skills necessary to help you find your ideal home. Contact us today.