Three Tips for Maximizing Space with Rental Properties in Clarksville, TN


 Maybe you’re downsizing from a huge house to a more manageable space, a rental unit is closer to the city center, or your housing budget has gone down. In any case, you have to deal with a rental property in Clarksville, TN that’s smaller than you imagined. Here are three tips for maximizing the space that you have.

Plan ahead online. The worst time to figure out that your rental can’t hold all your furniture is after moving everything in. You may not have room to move around, let alone rearrange your pieces. It’s more efficient to plan everything ahead of time using several free tools that are available online. You’ll need a floor plan, which your landlord may be able to give you, or which you can create yourself with a tape measure, pen, or paper. After you enter the dimensions, you can move furniture around digitally and even view the space in three dimensions. Check out Homestyler or Room Sketcher to start.

Dump the couch. Conventional wisdom suggests that every living room demands a couch to anchor the other pieces and to allow three people to site in one area. Except a small room may have no place to put such a bulky piece, which can completely overwhelm the space. Consider a loveseat instead, or two or more additional armchairs. The smaller pieces are also easier to move around and rearrange when company comes.

Store above eye-level. If you’re used to adding dressers or bookshelves for storage that go no higher than your eye-level, then you’re wasting the space above it. Use tall, ceiling-high cabinets and bookshelves so you can use every inch of vertical space. Better yet, use a shelving system that puts a track that you bolt to the top of wall. You then hang standards from that track and add brackets and shelving as needed. Check with your landlord first, however, if he allows the few wall holes that the track will need.

If you want more ideas for maximizing space or want to find rental properties, please contact us.