Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment in Clarksville TN

Landlords don’t typically let their tenants make major structural changes to an apartment such as tearing down the walls, but there are ways you can decorate and furnish your new apartment in Clarksville TN to make it your home. One of the hottest trends in real estate right now is micro-living or tiny home living. Whether you choose to rent a bungalow home, a small one-bedroom or studio apartment, you can personalize the space so it feels like your mini mansion. According to an article by freshome, some of the upsides of choosing a smaller apartment is that they tend to be less expensive. It’s also easier to keep a small space clean and tidy if you have the right furnishings and storage. After choosing a apartment or small home in Clarksville TN that is convenient to your work, family or school, you can unpack and relax. Decorating is the fun part.

Finding creative ways to delineate space

In a small apartment, it’s important to define separate areas. Rooms and space often flows together in open concept homes and some studio apartments. You can define separate areas by giving them different purposes, according to freshome. One idea is to use decorating screens between areas used for dining and watching television. Position your furniture in such a way to create some privacy. You may also be able to hang curtains from the ceilings to separate spaces.

Using dual-purpose furniture

Another space-saving idea is to buy furniture that can be used for different purposes. For example, a sofa-bed can be used for a sitting and watching television during the day and as a guest bed at night. Buy a dining room table that adjusts in size to accommodate guests. Buy a foot stool that opens up to store your TV remote and other items.

Putting your space to work

In any home, there is a lot of unused space. People who are involved in the tiny home movement find the dead spaces that can be put to use. You can put storage boxes under pieces of furniture. By having a bed ruffle, no one will notice storage under your bed. Other ideas include using decorative baskets to store items on plant shelves above the refrigerator.

Although you may or may not be permitted to do any painting as a tenant in a Clarksville TN apartment or home, you can choose a color palette for interior furniture, curtains, lamps and other decorative accents. Some designers recommend a lighter palette to make a space seem larger. To break up the boxy feeling of a room, choose round tables and furniture with angled sides as well as lamps with rounded shapes.

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