Tips for Renting Your First Home in Clarksville TN

Renting your first home is a major milestone for young people graduating from high school or college. Whether you are taking the big step of moving out of your parents’ home or trying to settle down with a new family, you don’t have to feel intimidated by finding your first rental home in Clarksville TN. According to an article by Zillow, there are a few steps you can take to make the rental process go well for you. Of course, the No. 1 priority is to make sure your finances are in order.


Figure out what you can afford

Zillow recommends figuring out how much rent you can afford by calculating 30 to 40 percent of your take-home paycheck. One of the advantages of renting a home in Clarksville TN is the fact that the rental market is more affordable than major metropolitan cities in the United States. Some people are able to save money by splitting rent with a roommate or spouse who works.

Rank your priorities

The next step to renting your first home is to make a list of preferences. Some considerations include the amount of time you’ll spend commuting from your rental home to work or school. Also, decide if you will be within walking distance to schools, restaurants or parks. Decide if you rather rent an apartment, townhouse, condo or single-family home.

Research the added expenses

You can ask a leasing manager about the other costs associated with renting your first home. Find out the average cost of a utility bill if that’s not included in the rent. Other potential expenses include a water bill, garbage collection, cable and Internet. Typically a tenant doesn’t have to pay for property management.

After preparing your personal finances and figuring out what you want, meet with a leasing manager. Read over the lease agreement carefully to make sure you can abide by the rules and conditions. After you move in, do a walk-through inspection to note any issues that you can bring to the  property manager’s attention.

At Millan Enterprises, we want our tenants to have a positive experience renting from us. We have rental homes and townhouses available in Fort Campbell and Clarksville, Tennessee. For more information and tips on renting your first home in Clarksville TN, please contact us.