Tornado Preparation

We hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed themselves at the Rivers & Spires festival in downtown Clarksville!

Luckily, Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a day spent outdoors but as we’re all aware, the bad weather started to roll in on Sunday.

Tennessee is known for experiencing tornadoes, and it can be frightening to hear on the news that we’re expecting such weather to come our way. It’s important to be prepared for such major weather events, and luckily there are many great resources online that have been put together to help you be prepared for a possible tornado and what to do in the event that a tornado does strike.

Here are some handy websites to visit: – Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

QuakeKare – Emergency Preparedness Experts

We encourage you to visit these websites, put together an emergency preparation kit and formulate a family action plan to put in place in the event of a catastrophic weather event.

We all hope that we’re never affected by extreme weather, but it’s very important to have a plan in place in the case that we are.