Preparing for Renting a Home in Clarksville, TN

If you’ve recently arrived in Clarksville, TN we’d like to issue you a warm welcome! We think of  Clarksville as a “small, big town” – featuring all the amenities of a large city, but with a friendly, small town feel.

Clarksville, TN is a melting pot of people from all over the country, and the world – just one of the reasons why our city is a unique, and exciting place to be.

The friendly Property Managers at Milan Enterprises offer these tips when you are planning to Rent a Home in Clarksville:

  1. Do some independent homework before contacting a rental agency. Know what you are looking for in advance and your agent can be more helpful.  Experienced agents know what to ask to help you find your ideal rental situation but it is always helpful if you have done some initial research so you can answer the questions like ideal size, number of bedrooms, baths, location, near bus line, size of yard, desired neighborhood, schools, etc.
  2. Drive some neighborhoods in advance to save time in the selection process.  Determine areas of town that you like and dislike so you can guide your agent in the selection process.
  3. Know how much you can afford.  A common rule of thumb is that your rent should not be more than one third of your total monthly take home pay.  You will still need money for groceries, gas etc so be sure you know what you can budget for housing.
  4. Be sure you understand all the costs up front. Some new to rental scene are surprised by the fact they will often need to pay first and last months rent along with a security deposit.  So if your rent is going to be $1,000, you may need to come up with $2500 before you can move in.  You will also need deposits for utilities, cable and other services you will want.
  5. Take the time to read all rental agreements.  Know what you are committing in advance to avoid potential problems in the future.

Please contact us when you are ready to start looking.  We will be happy to help you with these and other common questions for people looking to rent homes in Clarksville.