clarksville homeless shelter March 10th, 2020

YAIPaks Outreach: A Clarksville Homeless Shelter Focused On Kindness

Author: Rylan Kean

Millan Enterprises loves to support many non-profit organizations based out of Clarksville, TN. We have had the opportunity to meet several amazing individuals who have dedicated their lives to leading and contributing to these organizations. We deeply value the hard work and mission of helping others in our community and around the world.

questions to ask when viewing a house February 1st, 2020

Top 10 Questions to Ask at a Showing

Author: Rylan Kean

We all know apartment hunting can be both stressful and tedious. To make sure you find your perfect home, Millan Enterprises leasing department has compiled a list of the top 10 Questions a potential renter should ask during a property showing.

business resolutions January 24th, 2020

Business Resolutions and How to Reach Them

Author: Rylan Kean

Executing and maintaining a business team goal can prove to be a difficult task for many reasons. We, at Millan Enterprises, have begun to understand the process of obtaining Wildly Important Goals (W.I.G.) within our company and have taken on a new year resolution as a team!

things to do in clarksville tn January 7th, 2020

150 Things To Do in Clarksville TN

Author: Rylan Kean

Clarksville, TN has so many unique and exciting things to do. Whether you are new to Clarksville or a local native, this list can inspire you to get out in the community and participate in the unique culture.

reasons for rent increase January 11th, 2019

Why Do Apartment Rents Rise Every Year?

Author: Rylan Kean

Have you ever wondered about the reasons for rent increase? Check out the article below and find out exactly what factors trigger an increase in rent from your landlords.