Bored at Home? Eliminate Indoor With These Tips

Don’t let social distancing get you down while indoors. If you are feeling bored at home and looking for creative activities, this is the list for you! Here are some great  things you can do while you #StayHome.

#1 Free Online Courses (For the Adults)

bored at home
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Hey, don’t give us that look… while you’re cooped up, you now have the time to take online classes from Ivy League schools. The best part is, they are being offered for free! Let’s get those brain juices flowing. Find a subject you are interested in and sign up for a course on Class Central today! Be sure to read your course description to find out what type of materials, time commitments and requirements are required for each class.

#2 Arts & Crafts (For the Kids)

Arts and crafts will surely keep your kids entertained for a little while. Take a quick trip to Clarksville, TN’s local HorseFeathers Pottery Studio and pick up an “Art To Go Project” for your little ones. Or simply use  items around your home to paint Easter themed artwork or make macaroni necklaces. Head to our Pinterest Board to get inspired. 

#3 Indoor Camping (All Ages)

bored at home
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You don’t have to have all the fancy camping items to actually go camping these days. Bring back your childhood memories and  make a campsite in your living room while  gazing up at the glow-in-the-dark stars. If you have little ones, you can incorporate fun camping foods and camping crafts to keep them entertained! Get ready for tent forts, ghost stories, and faux fires made out of toilet paper rolls.  Don’t forget the s’mores!

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#4 Social Distancing with Netflix (All Ages)

Grab a bag of popcorn, your favorite soda (or wine) and relax inside your “home theatre”.  Netflix now has Netflix Party, which can be downloaded on your computer or laptop to chat with your friends during a movie or t.v. show. It may not be the same as hanging out in person, but it’s a fun alternative to kick-off social distancing. 

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#5 Virtual Everything (All Ages)

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Being stuck inside doesn’t mean that you can’t partake in all of the activities you love.  Virtual tours provide an opportunity to travel around the world, all from the comfort of your own couch!  You can see everything from live footage of animals in zoos, Frida Kahlo in the art galleries, and even “ride” amusement attractions!  Which activity will you choose from?

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Museums aren’t your thing, but working out is? Well, you’re in luck! Clarksville’s local Planet Fitness is offering  home workouts free to the public!  They will be live-streaming these videos on their Facebook page daily. 

Mrs. Dirksen, a Clarksville Academy teacher, is offering cooking lessons on her YouTube Channel.

#6 DIY Items for the Home

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For all the homeowners or renters, this one’s for you. Do you need new household items or furniture? We’ve got you covered with all the DIY ideas, just head to our Pinterest board! Now is the time to work on your DIY skills or put your significant other’s skills to the test.