3 Places to Go Around Clarksville, TN

Clarksville, TN Attractions

Moving to a new city is never easy. Whether you are moving to Clarksville, TN for a job, school, or another reason, you may want to know local attractions. Consider these three things many people enjoy about the area:

Dunbar Cave State Park

Located just northeast of downtown Clarksville, Dunbar Cave State Park is a great place for hiking and fishing. Cave tours are available during the summer months. Be sure to check the website for exact dates and times. Dunbar Cave itself has some interesting historical significance as it is believed to have been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. Drawings on the cave walls depict symbols such as a supernatural male warrior and stars. The cave is also home to the endangered gray bat as well as other animals.

Roxy Regional Theatre

A variety of plays are put on at the Roxy Regional Theatre each year. Currently, The Music Man is being performed. Other plays coming to Roxy Theatre in the coming months include The Rocky Horror Show, just before Halloween, and SHREK: The Musical Jr., which is coming next spring. With a variety of plays, some more for adults while others are more for the kids, there is sure to be a play that will spark your interest in the near future.

Customs House Museum and Cultural Center

As the state’s second largest general museum, the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center includes exhibits telling the history of the area as well as exhibits focused on more general topics such as trains and bubbles. While many of the exhibits are permanent, some are only there for a short time. For example, Norman Rockwell: The Man Behind the Canvas just started in mid-June, and it will run through August 23. If you are someone who enjoys revisiting exhibits, there is something for you, and if you like a new experience each time you visit, the temporary exhibits will fulfill your desire.

Discover the Hidden Gems: Clarksville, TN Attractions

Of course, there are a variety of other enjoyable things to do in Clarksville and the surrounding area. With Nashville roughly an hour away, there are numerous other opportunities for fun in the are.

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