Why Is First Impression Important in Business?

How to Attract your Customers By First Appearances

“You don’t get a second first impression, so make it count.” Many have heard this saying time and time again. A series of experiments by Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov reveal that it takes a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face. Now, we are not trying to scare you with this experiment but open your eyes to how to enhance your business’s chance of attracting customers. After all, there is no “Second Impression”.

Make A Good First Impression
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Curb Appeal 
Before customers come inside your commercial building, they have the opportunity to window shop before deciding if they want to go in. Giving your business an uplift on your curb appeal is a must. This can spark a person’s impression for a good first appearance. 

Here are four ways to help increase your curb appeal: 

  • Creative window displays.
  • Signage – Make sure it is easy for your customers to locate you in a sea of businesses. 
  • Building maintenance – Stay on top of your building’s regular maintenance; no one wants to walk in with dirty windows and paint peeling off the walls.
  • Landscape.

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The Interaction
Now that your customers have made it into your business, the next step is the interaction. Developing a relationship with your customers will be valuable in the development of your business. Customers value five things: reliability, assurance, empathy, and responsiveness. Customers want to know that the business is dependable, has trustworthy services, and upholds what has been promised. Customers want to know they have made the right choice to do business with the company. They want to be understood and shown attentiveness. Being a business that exemplifies these five things to their customers will be sure to leave them with a good impression. 

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Staying Connected
You got them into the building, you lived up to their expectations, and now you need to give the option for them to stay connected with you. Staying connected with your customers helps to keep your customers and potentially get new ones. 

Here are four ways to stay connected with your customers:

  • Offer a newsletter for your business.
  • Create a blog for your business – Provide insight to your customers on services and topics relevant to your business.
  • Be present on social media.
  • Offer customer feedback surveys – Customers like to know their opinions matter and are heard.

How would you increase your business’ chances in attracting customers on first appearance? Let us know by leaving a comment!