Office Pets in the Workplace

Companies should consider making their business pet-friendly to boost employee morale! A 2012 study explored the effects of dogs at work regarding the stress and perception of job satisfaction and organizational support. The results found that employees with dogs at work experienced a decline in stress, while those without the office dog present, or those who did not own a pet, experienced an increase in stress levels. 

“Having an office pet just relieves the everyday stress work brings, it gives me something to take my mind off things.”

Brittany Ramsey, Millan Enterprises, Leasing Agent.

So let’s talk about office pets!

At Millan Enterprises, we take pride in being a pet-friendly workspace. Our mascot Kobe brings joy to our employees and assist them in their daily tasks. 

Kobe Millan
Millan Enterprises' Office Mascot
Millan Enterprises lovely mascot Kobe.

What are the benefits and how do you know if being pet-friendly is the right fit for your company? Well we are glad you asked! 

The Benefits of Office Pets

Stress Reducer & Increased Productivity 

Have you ever gone home after a long day and just wanted to be with your pet? A furry friend, or even a scaly one,  is ideal for relieving stress and an opportunity to increase your productivity in the workplace. Pets make the work environment more comfortable and provide companionship for your employees. Your work environment can be your home away from home.

If an employee has hit a level of stress they can no longer handle, they have an opportunity to step back and play with the office pet or gaze at them swimming in the fishbowl. Then to go back to work feeling rejuvenated and cause an increase in office productivity. Makenzie Wert, leasing agent at Millan Enterprises says “Office pets give me happy endorphins when I pet them,” this, helping relieve stress during the work day.

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Photo of dog sitting at office desk
 Photo Credits to Canva.

Employee Retention

Is your company looking for ways to improve employee retention?  A study by Nationwide, in partnership with the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), showcases that pets in the office can do just that – improve employee retention! 

  • 88 percent of employees who work for a pet friendly company plan to stay with the company for the next 12 months versus 73 percent who work in non-pet friendly workplaces
  • 91 percent of employees who work for a pet friendly company feel the company supports their physical health and wellness versus 59 percent who work in non-pet friendly workplaces.

How Do You Know if it is the Right Fit for Your Company?

There are many factors to take into account before making the switch or even enhancing the overall experience in a pet-friendly workspace. Things companies should consider in preparation to having a pet-friendly workspace:

  • The company’s day-to-day activities, some environments may not be suitable for pets to be in
  • Employee’s allergies taken into account
  • Having a pet-policy in place

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“The office mascot [of Millan Enterprises], Kobe, frequently visits the office. His presence helps me not take myself too seriously. His playful, spunky nature reminds me that it’s okay to have fun at work.”

Josh Ward, Millan Enterprises, Commercial Leasing Agent.

Do you have office pets at your work? Showcase your office pets with us by commenting below! We all need a little animal cuteness in our lives. #MillanEnterprisesOfficeMascot