Looking At Homes? Use Our Rental Walkthrough Checklist

Don’t miss out on this rental walkthrough checklist when viewing homes for rent!

There are plenty of amazing rental homes in Clarksville, TN, but not every house in town will fit your needs exactly. The best way to protect yourself from a rental disaster is to ensure that you use a rental walkthrough checklist. A thorough list will include these items:

The Entry

Take a look at the entrance to the home. Do the locks work? Do you have the desired amount of privacy?

If you are interested in having a security door, this is the time to ask the landlord if this is a possibility.

Look at the sealing of the front door. Is there anyway water or wind can come in?

The Bathroom

Turn on the water faucets, checking for the right amount of water pressure to suit your needs.

Always check for evidence of water damage. We are happy to fix issues that arise, and the walkthrough is a great place to pinpoint them early.

The Kitchen

Check out the appliances, ensuring that they meet your needs. If you are passionate about a gas stove, now is the time to notice whether the house offers gas or electric.

The Rest of the House

Open each window. Some windows can get painted shut in the process of fixing up the home to rent, and it’s best to fix this problem early on.

This is also a great time to make sure each window has screens. You may rely on them if you have children or pets.

Check out each electrical outlet by plugging in a phone charger to ensure each one is working.


Do you feel safe outside the house? Consider the lighting situation outside, and how comfortable you will feel coming home at night.

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