6 Small Kitchen Tips to Maximize Your Space

With dreams of a grand luxurious kitchen with natural light, tremendous storage, and plenty of counter space – we know that our reality doesn’t always match our dreams. Most of us make due with a small, space-limiting kitchen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it! With these genius tips and tricks, Millan Enterprises can help you take advantage of every space in your rental kitchen.

  1. Utilize Underneath Your Sink

Yes, it sounds obvious but hear us out – there are many ways to make the best use of your under the sink storage! 

Stackable, clear storage bins are the perfect way to organize your daily necessities. Lazy Susans can help organize your cleaning supplies  for easy access. Stop wasting time searching for that one cleaner lost in the black abyss.

Photo by: DIY Crafts & Home
  1. Think About the Space Around Your Refrigerator

This is perfect for all kitchens.  I mean, we all have refrigerators! The obvious is taking advantage of the space above the refrigerator, but have you thought about the sides?

small kitchen tips
Photo by: The Kitchn

These easy DIY shelves rest on the top of your refrigerator and provide extra storage space for spices and household goods, while providing the ability to hang oven mitts and more! 

If your fridge is situated against a wall, don’t worry! There is also a great DIY rolling storage rack that easily slides between a wall and the refrigerator.

  1. Hang Pegboards – ALL OVER

Have a lot of cooking spatulas, pots, pans and more, taking up valuable counter and cabinet space? Try hanging them up. By using pegboard, you can have access to plenty of storage places on your walls, with minimal nails required.

Photo by: Ikea

Curtain Rods are Your Friend

Curtain rods can be used in abundance around the kitchen. You can use them to hang coffee mugs on the wall by your espresso machine. You can use them to hang household cleaners under your cabinets. You can even use them to separate tupperware containers or baking pans in drawers or shelves. Get creative and get organized!

small kitchen tips
Photo by: Better Homes

High Storage Access

Think higher! Do you have items you only use occasionally, but they take up so much storage? That baking mixer, turkey pan, or your mom’s casserole dish you don’t want to break? Put them on display up high and get them out of your way.

This DIY shelf works perfectly above your kitchen cabinets.

Photo By: Simple Life of A Lady

Or keep it simple and add decorative baskets to store additional items in a clean and decorative way.

  1. Cabinet Doors = More Than Decoration

Simple organizational items can help make your cabinet doors more than just decoration. By placing these racks on the back of your cabinet door, you can store pot lids, miscellaneous items, produce items, cleaning supplies or whatever you can imagine! What a great use of space.

small kitchen tips
Photo by: The Container Store

While still thinking of that incredible custom kitchen of your dreams, take advantage of the space you currently have! Think outside the box and get creative.

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