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10x25 storage unit (in clarksville tn)

Our 12×25 storage units are the epitome of spaciousness and functionality. These vast units are designed to comfortably house the contents of a large five- or six-bedroom house, making them an excellent choice for families undergoing a significant move or renovation. They can effortlessly accommodate oversized furniture like king-sized beds, sectional sofas, dining sets, and large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers. In addition, these units are perfect for storing outdoor equipment like patio furniture, grills, and even small boats or vehicles. Business owners can also greatly benefit from this size, as it provides ample room for storing large equipment, significant amounts of inventory, or voluminous archived files. With a 12×25 storage unit, you’re not just getting extra space—you’re getting a comprehensive storage solution tailored to accommodate a broad range of needs.

Price $145.00
Size: 25ft x 10ft (LxW)