New Year’s Resolutions for Tenants

It’s time for the ol’ saying “New Year, New Me”. For this new year, Millan Enterprises wants to challenge our tenants to look toward their living environment and establish a bond with their home and community in the new year. 

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  1. Make Your Home More Welcoming

A way to make your home feel like it is your own, is through the decor you use. If you are a new tenant or well adjusted in your rental, here are four easy ways to make your living space a home:

  • Add extra lighting
  • Indoor plants
  • Improve the aroma
  • Hang some art

Need some inspiration? Head to our Pinterest account to feel inspired.

2. Do a Deep Clean

Consider deep cleaning  your home to start your year off right! A clean space equals a clean mind! Not sure where to begin? Start with these five things to step your year on the right foot:

  • Dust everything… ceiling fans, blinds, decor, etc.
  • Clean the inside and outside of your fridge
  • Wipe down your baseboards
  • Run vinegar and water through your coffee machine (You can thank us later!)
  • Donate everything you don’t need

3. Budget for Unexpected Payments

The worst thing to experience is unexpected payments! The best way to work around unexpected payments is to expect the unexpected. By planning for the unexpected, you will not have to worry about playing catch up afterward. 

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4. Get Involved with the Local Community

The Clarksville community plays a vital role in your life. Clarksville, TN, is your home, where your kids were born, where you went to school or where your duty station is. Whether you get involved by volunteering, attending local sporting events, shop locally, or organize your own event, Millan Enterprises challenges you to find and leave your mark on the local community! 

Millan Enterprises hopes your new year is the best that it can be! Share your New Year’s resolutions with us using the hashtag #millanenterpises on social media!